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Birkenhead Buses
& Merseyside Memories

On a damp day in early January 2002, a group of friends from the Wirral Bus & Tram Museum in Birkenhead took three former Birkenhead Corporation buses out; two Massey bodied Leyland Titans and a Massey bodied Leyland Tiger Cub to re-live some of the routes they operated on. Our cameras travelled on board the vehicles, visiting various points on the Wirral and in Birkenhead.

We visit Laird Street depot just prior to the roof being removed to provide open parking. This gave the vehicles a chance to run around the depot just as they would have done prior to entering service for the day, or returning late at night.  March 1977 saw the end of two-man operation with Merseyside P.T.E. on the Wirral.  We go back in time with a series of photographs of 152 (GCM152E) running a special enthusiasts tour.  25 years on, in March 2002, we re-run some of the routes using 152 with the same driver and conductor and retired staff along for the ride!  More memories will flood back as we take a look at an 8mm cine film made by Dave Anders.  He captured the early days of Merseyside P.T.E. in Birkenhead, Wallasey, Liverpool, Southport and St. Helens.  He also visited the ‘Big Bus Show’ in September 1979 when the P.T.E. painted some of their vehicles in the traditional liveries of the former undertakings.  He then went onto film them in service in their respective towns.  To finish off Dave captured some of the operations of Birkenhead & District, a company run by GM Buses in competition with Merseybus in 1994.

We would like to thank Dave Anders for his film, and Bob Tennant of the Museum for his help during the filming of this video.

 Filmed :  2002
 Duration :  123 minutes (approx).
 Price :  Within UK - 16
   Rest of world - 18
 Format :  DVD -R Format 
 Order Ref :  D026 - DVD format

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