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Routemaster in London 2005 - Part 3

independent transport videos welcome you to the third and final part of the Routemaster in London 2005 Trilogy.  This programme features the final Routemaster route, the 159.  We open at the 159s’ central London terminus – Marble Arch.  From there we go to the Haymarket and join RML2264 on the 159 for a ride to the south London suburb of Brixton where we record the comings and goings outside the Brixton bus garage.  We briefly visit the former Brixton Hill tram depot to record some withdrawn RMLs awaiting their fate.  We then join RM838 to ride to the former Streatham bus garage which is the southern terminal of the 159s’.

Thursday 8th December dawned as the penultimate day of Routemaster operation on the 159s’ and we start filming at the outer suburb terminus, the former Streatham bus garage.  We capture the last RMs and RMLs in service with Arriva, turning at this point in the course of their daily routine.  Alongside these a number of extras put in an appearance.  A total of 12 duties were scheduled by TfL, but as is fit for such an occasion a number of the operators provided duplicate vehicles.  Amongst the vehicles seen, RT624 the last RT in service on route 62 in 1979 has been restored to full service and puts in an appearance, courtesy of Ensignbus who also provided a number of other extra vehicles.  We then join RML2636 and ride to Brixton bus garage to check out the activity there. RM1 puts in an appearance as well as the two gold Routemasters.  A few short workings turn at this point and crews change for meal breaks here.  We make our way down Brixton Hill and pause outside Brixton station to capture the hustle and bustle of the area.

Further activity is captured on film in the heart of the West End, starting at Oxford Circus and following the traffic down Regent Street on the last sunset of Routemaster operation along this busy thoroughfare.  The annual Christmas lights capture the spirit of this festive period and provide a wonderful backdrop for the Routemasters on their last night.  We continue our journey to Whitehall and Westminster Bridge where the night time atmosphere is captured.  A brief call at Brixton garage, and then a final ride on RCL2260 takes us back to Streatham garage where more enthusiasts are seen making the most of the last night of the Routemaster.

The final day of Routemaster operation on Friday 9th December dawns foggy and dull.  The filming in the morning captures Routemaster activity at Waterloo and Westminster Bridge as well as Oxford Circus.  Activities culminate in a final convoy of in service Routemasters featuring RMs 5 and 6 and the last RM, RM2217.  They are caught on film progressing along Whitehall.  Along with many other enthusiasts and Routemaster fans our cameraman joins the hustle and bustle outside Brixton bus garage where the final buses arrive with suitable police escort at around 2 p.m.

This final film for 2005 captures the last regular Routemaster operation in London subject to the limited use of these vehicles on two Heritage routes that overlay mainstream operation of the now standard low floor, all access bus for the 21st century London.

 Filmed :  2005
 Duration :  112 minutes (approx).
 Price :  Within UK - 16
   Rest of world - 18
 Format :  DVD -R
 Order Ref :  D063
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