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Brighton & Hove Buses  - Bendy Bus Twilight
The Go-Ahead subsidiary, Brighton & Hove introduced the ‘bendy’ bus to Brighton in 2011 with a batch of four Mercedes-Benz Citaro O530G articulated buses transferred from Go-Ahead’s London fleet when these buses were made redundant in the capital at that time.  The fleet grew to 22 buses, all London examples with some going to Go North East first before arriving in Brighton.  They all operated on the very busy 25 and 25x routes that link the city and Hove with the Universities, terminating at the large Falmer Campus, which is situated near to the large Brighton football stadium.  The ‘bendy’ buses have now been replaced by a fleet of fifteen former Go Ahead London Volvo B9TL/Wright Gemini 2 double-deckers.  The final ‘bendy’ buses ran in service on Monday 31st October, but a final ‘farewell’ was arranged by the company on Monday 7th November.  Most of the buses have now been sold for scrap. 
In early summer 2022 the independent transport videos cameras made two visits to Brighton to film and ride on these buses in their twilight months in service to capture their memory forever.  In May our filming locations in Brighton included Lewes Road, Old Steine, Pavilion Parade, Grand Parade, Marlborough Place, Gloucester Place, St George’s Place, York Place and Richmond Terrace.  Our cameras also took three rides on the ‘bendy’ buses.  The first was onboard 106 (BD57 WDE) on route 25 to the Brighton University Falmer Campus.  Alighting here we filmed the buses running along Village Way on this very frequent – up to every 5 minutes – service.  From here we travelled back to Lewes Road onboard 119 (BL57 OXK).  At Lewes Road, Brighton & Hove have one of their three garages in the city and we see two of the ‘bendy’ buses replacement Volvo double-deckers that had just arrived from London!  A further ride is taken onboard 107 (BD57 WDK) working route 25 to Old Steine.  The filming during our June 2022 visit begins at Old Steine.  Our cameras then take up positions in Marlborough Place, Gloucester Place, York Place and at Falmer Campus where we see plenty of action featuring the ‘bendy’ buses arriving and departing from the campus area.  Our filming is completed at Lewes Road and York Place.  Of course it is not just ‘bendy’ bus action that is captured on our visits - we have filmed virtually every bus that we have seen! Not just Brighton & Hove vehicles but Stagecoach, Metrobus and The Big Lemon independent with their electric vehicles.  Look out for the Brighton & Hove Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 double deckers in their new ‘Regency Route’ livery with some adapted for the celebration the late HM Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee in a similar style.  There are also plenty of the battery-electric ADL Enviro400ER double-deckers to be seen as well.
So sit back and enjoy the action and see the end of an era of the Brighton & Hove ‘bendy’ buses.

 Filmed :  2022
 Duration :  70 mins
 Price :  Within UK - 16
   Rest of world - 18
 Format :  DVD -R
   Picture Aspect 16:9
 Order Ref :  D416


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